Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday Aug. 25, 2011

This show review coming from a taco stand in Los Feliz....

So up first was The Family Bones who played a solid set of mellow pop fair consisting of a guitarist and a piano player for this date. There was something about the songs that when he got to the chorus it felt automatically familiar. The Family Bones were a great way to start the night as I was not sure what I was in for and was pleasantly surprised with some expert guitar work and some catchy little tunes.

Next up Coyote, which I did not know that Jessi Williams from The Lonely Wild had her own project that she was heading before now and man am I glad that I went to Best Fish Taco because of the invite of an old friend from high school. Coyote had a definite country influence too it and if you have heard The Lonely Wild you know that Jessi has an amazingly beautiful singing voice.

The last act of the night are The Dylan Trees and from the first song they had me hooked. Through their whole set and up until I started writing this I have been trying to identify their sound and just cannot do it. The cop out is to call it indie rock and leave at that, but I want to say their is more to it than that I just can't properly put it into to words. Their were lots of things to love about Dylan Trees music but I think what stands out foremost is just how much fun it is and you can tell the band is having fun while playing. Also their is a great dynamic between the singing voices of Jeremy and Monica that really compliment each other and their music. This was a great way to end the night and I am looking forward to seeing Dylan Trees again.

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