Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday Aug. 19th

Well I decided to make a short post for this night even though the level of intoxication went well beyond my ability to know what happened there the whole night so I will talk about what I was sober for. Well George Glass kicked the night off and I ended up being glad they opened the night on reflection as I don't remember the last two performances of the night. Well they were minus Nathan on drums so Nick and Pete pulled out a stellar acoustic set that really showcased how strong their songwriting is that even strippeddowned the songs were captivating. In an acoustic set let the beautiful melody of Nick's voice really carry day that can sometimes get lost in a normal set of them rocking out.

The only other band I remember playing was the Health Club and they fucking brought it. There is something great just about the energy a (garage)punk band can put into a venue and Pehrspace makes for an ideal venue for an intimate punk rock show. Their was a lot of talent coming through from the performance and I know I will see this band again and might have more coherent thoughts and ramblings on their music....

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