Tuesday, April 17, 2012

George Glass

George Glass is one of those Silver Lake bands that holds a special place in my heart. They are one of the bands I have been telling people about since well before I started this here blog. I want my friends, acquaintances, and really anybody to listen to this band not only because they are great, but are awesome guys that I have come to know while going out to see shows of not only their band but they are out to see other bands in the local scene when they aren't playing as well. I love the sound of this band and am always floored by how great musicians they are whether it be Nick on guitar, Pete on Bass or Nathan on Drums. So go to their Indiegogo campaign to help them finish recording and all that other stuff involved in putting together their first full length record because if it is anything like their two EP's then you won't be able to stop listening to them. You can pay as little as 5 bucks to get just the digital copy of the album or move on up depending on what perks you want out of your contribution. I went with the 25 dollar one because I want to get the new album on vinyl. So you have 35 days from when I posting this to contribute to this campaign. And below I will embed a song that is mostly finished that George Glass put on their Soundcloud to celebrate the launch of our IndieGoGo campaign.