Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday Aug. 18, 2011

So the night starts with a lonely drive up to Echo Park from Orange County but doesn't stay that way as I now meet what is a familiar sea of faces at these shows. The first band of the night is Gentle Hands which the most memorable aspect of the band was the 2 girls fronting the band playing lead and rhythm guitar and lead and backup vocals respectively. There was nothing wrong with their brand of rock that they were playing and maybe with a little more polish and work on their stage presence especially between songs could be a very enjoyable band to go see.

The next band playing is Dirt Dress and I was really digging the groove that the bassist and drummer had going but just could not get into the lead singer/guitarist. His lack of energy or stage presence didn't help his cause any either. Other than that they had some solid music but just like the band before them never had that one song in there that really grabbed you and made you want more.

Next came The Happy Hollows and what a long wait it has been since to see them play. They made a lineup change and it looked so strange not seeing Chris up on stage but the band really didn't miss a bit with Richy back there. You could really tell when Lieutenant was it's same amazing self and just everything you could want out of a Happy Hallows song. The new stuff, and there was a lot of it, was super fun and dance-able. The use of keys or some sort of background beats really add an extra texture of sound that has a reminiscent sound to the Brooklyn indie dance rock scene. But it still had Sarah being Sarah and finger-tapping and just destroying on the guitar in parts that simply amazing to witness. Sometimes you forget about the rest of the band because while performing live Sarah's personality and love just shines so bright that you can't help but be mesmerized by her in her hot rocker goddess stage presence. And charlie laid back presence fits as he will really fill the song with some skillful bass-lines. All in all just a fantastic show that never disappoints, if you can the next time they play I better see you there.

The last band of the night was Pek Pek and I don't know if it was them or the sound for this show but it was hard to differentiate out the distinct chords of everyone through all the feedback they had going. Sometimes it seemed to much of a solid cacophony of sound but there was more of a glimmer of something special that I would be willing to delve into a further listen then the first two bands, maybe it was just the fact that they had a mandolin player who was rocking it the whole time which was unique but definitely would like to hear more from Pek Pek maybe in a little bit of a better setting.

So that did it for the night, had good times with cool people listening to some local music, now for tonight I do have some choices I believe I will be going to Pehrspace to see the show The 704 is putting on and George Glass will be there so that is hard to resist. Or there is Le Switch last show ever at the Satellite which is tempting as they have a few tunes that I really love. Or going none local there is Bomb The Music Industry playing Five Stars Bar in downtown LA someplace let me know which one you think I should be at....

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