Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monday Aug. 22 2011

So after getting started late and venue change to down the street and left The Satellite to make my way over to the Silverlake Lounge on the advice of a friend I found myself into a night of music that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately I missed the only band I have already seen Rumspringa and came in for the last for songs of The Breakups. From what I heard of The Breakups they play a very enjoyable brand of guitar driven indierock/pop.

Next came the residency headliner's The Ross Sea Party who had the place grooving the whole time. You couldn't help but want to move your feet and dance while listening to them play. They was nothing too fancy about most of their songs just great rhythms on the guitar that stick with you. Plus what too really take away from Ross Sea Party is that energy and fun of their music never stops. I might make it back for the last week of their residency just so I can sing along to a couple of songs I might manage to learn between now and then.

And with night cap and stealing the show for me was The Lexingtons. There was a great showmanship that you don't get from most local bands. Plus never once did I think that The Lexingtons were more gimmick then great music which can happen. I love the simplicity to their music their drummer was rocking out with only I believe a floor tom, snare drum, a cymbal, and a hi-hat; they didn't have bassist sometimes had two guitars others only one and a keyboardist but it only added to the fact that you only heard what they wanted you to hear and really had rocked out while doing it. It was all about the lead singer whose voice had such a unique quality that I loved every note whether singing a light melody or crooning out a note. This was good old fashioned sourthern style rock and roll that makes you want to sing and dance along. I was thinking throughout their set this is just old-timey fun and that lead singer dance moves reminded you of what you would see out of a frontman on band being featured on the Ed Sullivan Show. If their was one thing I took out of tonight was I want more of The Lexingtons and you should too...

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  1. Thank you for your gracious words. We are reprising our Silverlake Lunge performance this Saturday at 4 pm. Even though the Junction fell through we wanted to play a show anyway. Thanks and keep writing about music!

    -The Lexingtons