Sunday, August 7, 2011


So I suppose I will start off by saying why I am starting this. Well mainly it is just a way for me to ramble on about music and all the local LA shows that I have been going to, so if you want the opinion of a fan who loves music but has zero musical talent (if you have ever heard me sing karaoke then you have first hand knowledge of what I am talking about) then I am your source. I will mainly be sticking to the Silverlake/Echo Park LA music scene as that is where I try to go out to every week to see bands that I love such as George Glass, Radars to the Sky, The Happy Hollows, The Henry Clay People, and of course Manhattan Murder Mystery.  Plus their are so many more interesting and talented folks playing out in that area that I want to know more of.  So I will blog my exploits out into the nights of rock n roll and some feelings on new albums that I hear and just what I am listening to as a way to keep an active blog most likely. I will soon post my first show review from last night...

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