Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Aug. 7th 2011

Last night was crazy fun, went to LA to see some bands at the Satellite.  First up was Torches in Trees who I only got to hear the last two songs which only made me sad and want to hear more of them because they were very fun.  Got a free EP from the band that I still need to listen to. Next up came The Lonely Wild who were marvelous.  Just completely had a sound that I could hear all over the radio. They had a nice use of full band vocal harmonies without overdoing it or trying to sound like Fleet Foxes or Local Natives or what not.  They are pretty straight forward rock band with a little catchy poppiness to them, but there is definitely a little bit of country to their sound more like Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band country than straightforward country. I could not leave without purchasing their debut EP and so far I am loving it just sad that I only have five of their songs to listen to because it leaves me wanting more.

And then came the band I went to see, the lovely Radars to the Sky. Whenever I see Radars play live it feels like such a treat, and they never disappoint. We got to hear three new songs and the one that sticks out the most of the three was the one that Andrew called their "Clash" song which really had a rollicking energy through the whole thing that you couldn't help but move to. Plus Kenny on drums was destroying on that one.  They also had some help from a trumpet player on a few songs that really added to the songs he played on and sounded like those songs were always meant to be played that way. But reflecting on their set it is really kind of bittersweet that the first show I am blogging about is the last show for two of their members, Rob and Kate. I wish both of them the best of luck in their future pursuits and hopefully this means more shows to be played by Rob's band Death to Anders.  Last night's show didn't feel like an ending though especially because of introducing us to new material made it known that Radars to the Sky will continue writing music and amazing local crowds with it. I can't wait to hear what Andrew, Pete and Kenny have in store for the future and anyone else they might decide to add into their group.

I did not stick around for the last band as Manhattan Murder Mystery were playing a house party not too far away and as of that moment had not yet gone on.  Unfortunately getting there was a little more difficult then I wanted and only was able to make it for the last 2 songs.  But those last 2 songs of the night were well worth the trouble. I do not know if there is a better setting to witness a MMM show then crammed into a tiny living room, I suppose that was what that room was.  As always their set ender of Parking Lot was about a 10 minute epicness that had the whole room into a fervor from start to finish with everyone singing, shouting or crooning the lyrics along with Matt or even without Matt when he ventures away from the mic while pushing his way into the crowd and going insane on his guitar. There really is no experience like going to a Manhattan Murder Mystery show in LA right now and they always seem to be playing one if not two or three nights a week. The rest of the night consisted of lively conversations with some new friends, and a longing to have been there the whole night as a live show at the F house seems like something not to be missed, but that could just be how I feel about every Manhattan Murder Mystery show is that it is something not to be missed....


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