Monday, August 6, 2012

The Wheelbarrow in Camden - London

Well I finally got out for a night of music in London town and it was a hell of a time. Made my way to The Wheelbarrow in Camden based off a recommondation I got off of Frank Turner's forum. It was a long but easy trek as I only had to catch one bus plus one tube to make my way down there. So I got there early and found a seat at the bar, feeling like this little pub with a stage tucked back in the corner was just what I was looking for. I started the night off with Guinness as seems to be what to do out here to get the night going and made quick friends with a great fucking bloke named Simon which helped pass the time til the music started.

The first act was sounding like a good singer with some catchy enough tunes as he played by himself with just his acoustic guitar. Unfortunately don't recall his name or much of his music as I was too busy conversing with Simon and meeting his friends which included the second band of the night.

Which brings me too the fun pop/rock british indie band Itchy Teeth. I think at the beginning my dancing in the front had more to do with the drinking plus the two cute Brittish girls that my new friend was friends with were dancing in the front but that quickly changed as their infectious fun sound really drew me in. But it was really their last song of their set, "Did We Lose the War", where it got mental and just blew me away. It was by far their most hardrocking track, but it was really just phenomanal and they just completely and utterly nailed it. They were beckoned to play an encore and continued to nail it for one more song. All in all Itchy Teeth played like legends last night I should see them again before I leave London and will be following them online for sure.

By the time the third band came up I had gotten pretty pissed and was right up front again and digging on the tunes played by Red House Glory. They had a more straight forward rock and roll sound to them and had some very cool and interesting guitar lines. I would definately keep my eye on more from this band as they said they were very new and played quite a few songs for the first time live.

As the music ends early and they kill the bands at 11 so it was still time to drink with my friends from Itchy Teeth plus the lovely Jessi until it was time to hit the tube home before they ended for the night. Good times were had and good music was found so mission accomplished lets hope all my nights out for music go so swimmingly well...

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  1. I was the promoter of this gig, which i am glad you liked as it was booked in 6 days after the promoter who was supposed to be running the night pulled out. We will be doing another gig at The Wheelbarrow on 30th September which the lovely Itchy Teeth are again playing. Red Housle Glory are also playing again on 12th October for me round the corner at the Black Heart - the event page is not finished yet but here's a link to get on the £3 list

    The acoustic act was Tom Hughes, star of Cemetery Junction and Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll, he will hopefully have a full band up and running soon, but is quite busy with acting work so doesn't play very often.

    For more information on the nights I run in London and Manchester, please go to

    people can apply to play or find out about upcoming gigs and get on cheap guestlists for pay on the door nights.