Saturday, July 28, 2012

Murder By Death Kickstarter

So this isn't an LA band and they have a pretty good following but not enough people know and love their music yet in my opinion and thusly you get this blogpost. Murder By Death have a kickstarter going on that already hit their goal but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get involved in any of the awesome stuff that they got going on for pledgers. I picked up the special edition LP and would have gone for more if I had the money to spare. They already released the first song(single?) for their new album and it is a catchy little tune. MBD has such a confidence in their sound which can jokily and sometimes aptly described as whiskey devil music that I instantly love everything I hear from them. This will be their 6th studio album and should not disappoint in the slightest. So I will embed the track, "I Came Around" below for your listening pleasure.

Also watch the video they made to promote their Kickstarter as it is hilarious and might just save your life...

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