Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wheelbarrow Aug 15th 2012

So I lost track of time and forgot how long it took to get all the way down to Camden from Wimbledon and ended up strolling in late about 9:30 really just in time to catch the of the set by The Widows. They had a fun punk/roackabilly sound to them with some fast, fun and good guitar and bass lines. Also the drumming was spot on in all the songs I heard and they even had a keyboardist who on the last song played electric violin that really added to the depth of their sound. But the real star of their set was their lead singer whose energy was up to legendary levels and it didn't matter that I couldn't understand a word out of his mouth there was so much passion and emotion and rock n' roll pouring out of him that I couldn't help but get into them. I hope they translate in recorded form to sound as great as they did live.

Next up came and quick but powerful set from Kitty Junkbrother whose poweful vocals blew me away. The sad thing was most of the pub seemed more into their own conversations then giving her due respect because she was an artist and musician that you should be listening to. She only played four songs because that was all she could remember to play on the acoustic guitar but that was enough for me to be floored by her talent and especially awesome vocal performance. She apparently plays more often with her keyboard so I think I need to look up some of that stuff because her music is what stuck with me tonight and has me pining for more.

Well that did it for the night I got to remember to head out earlier while in London as I forget how the nights end young here music was down by 10:30 pm...

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