Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Lock Tavern Thurs. Aug 16th 2012

So a few nights ago I made my way down to Camden around 8:30ish and nothing was oing on at The Wheelbarrow or pubs in the immediate vicinity s o I grabbed a pint at The World's End and enjoyed the metal they played over their sound system. As I got bored there by myself quite quickly and wasn't ready to call it a night so I headed north from Camden Town station to explore. And boy was I glad I did as eventually I came upon The Lock Tavern where I could here the sounds of live rock n' roll coming from the place out on the street.

I made my way up to the venue part of the pub upstairs, this small room with just enough room for a stage and a bar of it's own was jam-packed people rocking out to the band Lovepark. So I instantly fell in step and worked my way into the middle of the crowd. This was a very fun indie rock band with just the right amount pop to their sound. What sticks out the most for me was they had what seemed like their own signature guitar style. Not that every song sounded the same just the way they played their cool little guitar licks had a uniquely Lovepark vibe to them. Such a fun band that I picked up their single on vinyl and made this a worthwhile adventure out in Camden.

Next up were some very young lads going by Cowboy. I wanted to like them more than I did just because I really dug all the electronic atmospherics that the lead singer added with his MacBook live on stage which was quite cool. One thing for that show just wasn't up to par was the guitarist singing voice. I don't know if it was just that nights live performance or just he wasn't consistent enough but I wasn't feeling it when he sang solo. They all were very talented musicians and had some dynamic songwriting that I really enjoyed. Most of all their drummer was just aces, he blew me away with how fracking unbelievable he was, just wow. So while their set had some ups and downs and didn't have the crowd going like the band before them, Cowboy is definitely a band to remember and follow as they are so young and so talented that it would be a mistake to not pay attention to them.

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