Monday, August 13, 2012

catching up in London

So I went out tonighit to The Belford and it was pretty uneventful and an odd night. So they had like 6 artists on the bill and they all play twice but only 2 songs each time. Well I rolled in their late just as the second act of the second half was finishing and they tried yet mostly failed to get the crowd to sing along with their chorus of "damn facebook". Of the next four only one really did anything for me and that was Lucine Bell who had this intense dark and moody sound while playing some of the heaviest acoustic guitar I can remember hearing. Also for some reason reminded me a bit of the band Bush.

So now I am going to bring it back a few days when I went to this small place called The Betsy Trotwood for a show presented by Music Earth Rise on the 7th of August. I was intrigued by Emma Wilson. She had this really endearing and lovely quality to her voice and great charisma while still pulling off a genuine cute shyness between songs. The last act that played was Otti Albietz who was a lot of fun. While singing he was having a blast and his energy and good spirit filled you while he sung. His voice showed great range in power and melody and just had such fun unique song writing that makes me want to go back and listen to him again.

The next morning/early afternoon I went to go see Itchy Teeth play again at BT live in Hyde Park. BT live was this mini-festival like setting they had setup for the olympics with bands playing and multiple giant screen TV's playing the different sports. Before Itchy Teeth played there was another singer/songwriter, Meg, that I really enjoyed her sound and style she was rocking. Meg songs had such and fun and quirky feel to them that was infectious and catchy. I would love to hear her play in a more natural setting for a rock show then a quick 25 minute set at 11:30 in the morning. And then Itchy Teeth came on and rocked out and proved even playing at noon and 100% sober that this was a fun band that I like alot.

Now this brings to my night at the Spice of Life where I walked in confused by the first artist being that he was a country singer from the states who was good enough but just not my cup of tea. The second band of the night was called Playmaker and really rocked the fuck out of the place. They had their amps up all the way and weren't messing about in their straightforwad alternative rock sound. They had great energy and played well with some great guitar riffs but I just couldn't get super into them. But I got a free EP from the band and will see what I think of them recorded on a second or really more listen and probably get a review up of it sometime after I get back to the states.

And so it is time for me to talk about Itchy Teeth again. I can already tell I am in complete love with this band after three shows I just can't get enough of them. Their live shows are just so much fun and even better when you know the tunes already. And they really brought it this time getting the whole pub it seemed to dance through their set. Though it migh not have happened without some help from the lovely Jessi who pulled everyone up front and out of their seats like a boss and the music kept them up and dancing. Itchy Teeth's music has such a fresh breath of air feel to it while still playing a style that harkens back to the great bands of the 60's where it was just fun to play rock n' roll and dance the night away. I hope to see them again and again before leaving London in 9 days time. Not just because I love their music but because of all the friends I am making through the band at their shows and afterwords hanging with them in the pubs makes me never want to leave London.

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