Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY music scene...

So we are in some kind of newfangled era of music and one thing that is becoming more clear is this is a do it yourself era. But just because these artists are doing it on their own doesn't mean they don't need a little help. Putting out an album is an expensive endeavor and they are a couple of local LA bands that I am a fan of that are using a really cool website that helps people raise money through crowd funding to get their music made.

The first band I want to direct your attention to is Torches (formally known as Torches in Trees) who are pictured above. They got 46 days left to reach their goal and you can help out for as little as 10 bucks so go on to their indiegogo page and give a helping hand to get their debut album 'Heads Full of Rust' made.

The other band I want to point out is one I have been meaing to write about for sometime, the absolutely wonderful Radermacher. Well I have mentioned Malcolm and Kim's side-project College Kids fondly but that is besides the point. To get back on track I will say they are putting out the third part of their Baby Hawk trilogy and are going to press it to vinyl. This will be the first time Rademacher has put anything out on vinyl so they can be in all the cool kids record collection finally. The first two parts of the Baby Hawk trilogy are fantastic and I will put out a post for each of the first two parts leading up to the release of their Baby Hawk part III. I love concept records and can't wait to see how this ends and to expound on what I think of the project as individual releases and as a whole. So head on over to their indiegogo page and give what you can. They have a ton of different donation packages to choose from, I plan on grabbing the 25 dollar one so I can get the new EP on vinyl plus digital downloads of the whole Baby Hawk trilogy. They also made a fun video to promote this project so check it out here or on their indiegogo page. And always remember to support local music and talented people in general...

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