Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Matthew Teardrop - Drunk as Fuck EP

So Matthew Teardrop of Manhattan Murder Mystery fame(at least in the right circles) has released a solo folk album where he bares his soul to music and leaves it even more naked and raw than usual. Honestly it took more than a few listen-throughs to really wrap my head around this release. Maybe instrumentally the sound was a little too clean for me at first but now I really appreciate the musicianship shown throughout the album whether they be his sad strumming guitar chords, the jilting piano on the opening track or the heartfelt harmonica playing that I can feel in my bones. What came through from the beginning is all the raw emotion that Matt conveys while singing and in his personal lyrics. I hope you take the time and listen to this EP and let the words soak into your grey matter because these 5 songs have a truth and vulnerability to them that's truly special. I was thinking of going way more in depth on a track by track basis but I would rather just leave you with the opening track "Bury Me In The Salton Sea" and hope it hooks you because this sad ode to the sweet release of death sets the mood of the album with hauntingly depressed lyrics over guitar and piano that sounds like music made from a drunk living in the old west playing this song at his local saloon...

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