Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frank Turner at the Slidebar 2/16/12

Last night Frank Turner put on a musical experience that touched my soul. It was a seriously special night and amazing to see him playing such an intimate venue packed to overcapacity with zealous Turner fans who knew every song by heart. Except for the new song he debuted for us "Four Simple Words" that makes me ravenous for more new music.

But I have been getting ahead of myself so let me take it back to the beginning. Last night was a free show which did have the unofficial price of having to deal with the Slidebar downtown Fullerton crowd, which if you are like me was a hard price to pay. Frank Turner put together this gig last minute and there was another show going on that night as well which I snuck into to get glimpses of and quickly ducked back out to the patio to pass the time conversing with friends and acquaintances instead of the mediocre post-hardcore punk band Union 13 or the similarly mediocre speed metal band Dr. Know who reminded me why I never really got into indie metal scene, sure there is some talent there but nothing that gets me excited or makes them stand out like they should be getting more recognition then they deserve.

And of course that show ran late and it took a long time to setup for For Frank Turner and his opener Elvis Cortez of Left Alone, which saying of Left Alone doesn't mean anything to me but it might to someone. Now I don't want to disparage Elvis but I really just didn't care for his brand of acoustic folk punk. It was like the pop-punk version of the folk punk scene but not done as well as "Into it. Over It". And what I think was really missing was the ability translate his passion. And what I find to be the staple of that scene his the passion and vulnerability that comes out of the folk-punk music scene.

Now onto Frank Turner who is some English chap who used to be a punk rocker and then started an acoustic-based folk project in 2005 which has slowly grown to encompass a fuller band sound and more straight rock and roll vibe with each passing album. Which is not a bad thing and his show has certainly become a lot more explosive with energy and the chemistry he has with his touring band "The Sleeping Souls" is top notch. And one thing you can never take away from Frank Turner is the fact the man is passionate about music and sharing it. The other thing that has stayed steady throughout his career is his insightful and intelligent lyrics that can be truly punk-rock in nature. The second to last song he played, "The Ballad of me and my Friends", the closing song from his first album has so much more meaning to me now as it reminds me of exactly what it is to be a part if somewhat small part of a music scene and makes me never want to stop attending the shows of the likes of Manhattan Murder Mystery, George Glass and all those other bands that I have come to know and love. Well I will end this with what is hist staple to end the night and probably his best song, Photosynthesis embedded in Video Format below. So if you don't know Frank Turner give it a listen and if you don't love it then I don't know what is wrong with you...

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