Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Auditorium - Night's Worth Living EP

Auditorium put out a new EP today and if you don't know this band and especially Spencer Berger on vocals then you are missing out on the best vocalist in Los Angeles(hyperbole much? Mayhaps, but I doubt you can think of a better singer). Auditorium continues to produce infectious indie pop that will get stuck in your head. So far in love with some beautiful harmonies and songwriting and pick up this EP on their bandcamp for only 3 dollars(what is that like the cost of a pack of gum?). Well I already talked about the song The Sex Offenders I will leave you with the final song on the EP "Did Your Heart Shake Like This Song?" because it is a love song and their is not enough good old fashion love songs anymore, it's all about the heartbreak nowadays...

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