Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Red Lung - Little Red Lung EP

So you know what is great about starting your own blog about local music? Well, first you get to know all these bands you love and help spread the word about them and second, you can get lucky and have them send you an advance copy of their latest release. And since getting the new self-titled EP from Little Red Lung the six tracks have been in constant rotation and I can't seem to get them out of my head, which is definitely not a bad thing. I can't wait for more people to hear this and get transported into the strange and beautiful sounds of Little Red Lung. The EP creates a hauntingly beautiful atmospheric rock sound that is just chill inducing. Little Red Lung's self-titled EP has great musicianship, from it's band members and friends playing great music created from a myriad of instruments including violin, cello, xylophone, vibraphone, trombone, wood Blocks and marimba, plus the usual suspects for an indie-rock band, in creating their unique sound. With so much going on in every song instrumentally, the instrumentation never sounds cluttered and has a great clean mix by Ali Nikou, who also recorded and produced the EP at Blaster Master Productions. Though, through it all, the real star of the show is Zoe-Ruth's vocals which are stunning and strong on every track. Her ability to have such power vocally and still hit those quieter moody harmonies throughout is just stellar. They completely envelope you into what this band is doing musically.

It is hard to pick a favorite track, but if I had to, it would probably be Fangs. That track is pitch perfect with it's twisting harmonies that showcase this band at its best. Though, I must say, the closing track, Strangling Tree, is a close second just for its use of xylophone vibraphone (I thought it was a xylophone but actually it is a vibraphone which is close enough) and a horn section(Trombone) along with the violin that gives the track such a unique sound(the use of xylophone does bring back memories of Oingo Boingo because they are the only band I think of that prominently used xylophone and a horn section in their music). Little Red Lung already has 50 Fingers, the opening track, available on their bandcamp and I am going to embed it below for your listening pleasure. So if you like what you hear, remember to pick up their EP it came out today at noon (man I am late at getting this post up I basically had this done a week ago just wanted to put some finishing touches...) you can pick it up at their bandcamp or a physical copy on their website. Also if you have the chance don't miss them live, you can check out a live recording done over at the blog Recording LA...

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