Friday, June 29, 2012

Pisces - Flower Toes EP

So last week Pisces put out an EP. If you didn't know Pisces is the solo project of the Happy Hollows lead singer and guitarist Sarah Negahdari which I blogged about their music video a lil bit ago. Pisces is some odd hybrid of sounds that creates a unique experiance that can only be described as artsy-psychedelic-folk-rock and still not truly capture the unique vision that is produced on this EP. Even though this isn't as straight rock oriented as The Happy Hollows sound is doesn't mean this is just quiet and stripped down music. The title track "Flower Toes" is an uptempo rocker that is reminiscent of the indie artist Marnie Stern. Plus on the track "Paint A Rocket" Sarah showcases some hauntingly beautiful guitar playing that is just damn impressive and shows why she is one of the most talented guitarist in the LA music scene. What ties these four tracks together is Sarah's wonderful harmonies while singing and just her spirit that shines through on everything she creates. I cannot listen to Sarah's music without smiling and having a good time.

I think the worst part of this release is that it is only 4 songs long. Especially knowing that after seeing Sarah play "Solo" live in the past year you know she has more than enough amazing songs that deserve to be recorded to fit on a full length release and be listened to over and over again. You can even go over to Recording LA where the have a post featuring a great recording of Pisces EP release show(Also check out Little Red Lung's set from that same night).I can't wait to hear more finished recordings of Pisces songs like "Driver" but until then go to Pisces bandcamp to listen or buy the debut Flower Toes EP.

I am going to leave you with the ultrafun number that is the opening track for your listening pleasure because I can't get it out of my head so I hope it gets stuck in your noggin as well...

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