Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bright Beast - Bright Beast EP

This came out about a month ago and I have loved it ever since I got it right when it came out. So why did it take me so long to get a post up about it, well go back to my post about the MMM show at Burger Records the other night to find out. Bright Beast is somewhat of a local band super group consisting of Christian Biel of The Transmissions, Nicholas Ceglio of George Glass, Chris Hernandez of The Happy Hollows, Christopher King of The Composers, Chris Rock of Lost Libraries, and Randolph Williams III of One Trick Pony.

This release is a strangley hypnoticly addicting six songs that won't get out of your head. Forgoing the usual guitar driven sound of the Silverlake/Echo Park music scene. Their sound has a more electronic feel to it even if all the sound is coming from a groovy bass line, a little guitar lick, solid drumming, and layered vocal track. The easiest bands to compare Bright Beast too is some early Tv on the Radio/Interpol hybrid with a touch of the catchiness/dance-vibe of She Wants Revenge. When I first heard some of these songs they seemed a little off-putting and not what I was exactly expecting but the more time I invested with their music the more it just attached to my psyche and I couldn't stop listening to the EP over and over again. Case in point the final track Short Pockets has such a crazy heavy dirty bass line that I am an absolute love with, and the track Camera might just be the most single ready song. But I am going to leave you with the opening track, Blood Secrets, because I think it captures perfectly what Bright Beast is trying to do on their debut EP with it's odd macabre lyrics on top of the perfectly polished unique sound they created.

In conclusion I agree with the in-studio dialogue by Christian Beil at the end of the track Allergy "I think that this was genius, think that this was amazing, I think we nailed it...". Because for a debut EP featuring a collection of friends from multiple bands they really fucking NAILED IT and I can't wait to hear what else this group can create.

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