Friday, March 23, 2012

Dinosaurs On Mars! - Dinosaur On Mars!

So I have got another review from an advance copy I received from some old friends/acquaintances whose band is putting out their debut release after making and playing music for quite some years. Dinosaur On Mars! consists of Steven Mucci (vocals, guitars, synth, drum programming), Nathan Casas (bass, guitar), and Tom Morris (Guitar, backup vocals). The sound quality is extremely impressive for being made all in lead singer Steve Mucci's room. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes while listening to them because their sound consists of a dance rock vibe with a lot of fun electronic beats strongly displayed throughout. What really makes Dinosaurs On Mars! music standout and memorable is Steve's passionate and strong vocal performance throughout the entire record that really suck you into each song's existence. Also for using drum programming instead of an actual drummer it doesn't seem to have entirely generic and boring drum tracks but a much more dynamic drumming than one would expect from a band without an actual drummer (I didn't even realize this was recorded without a drummer at first). I think my favorite track on the album is A-Game with it's catchy guitar line as the main dance beat and the synth being used more for the atmosphere of the track's music. They are playing tonight in Brea at Birch Street Bar & Grill for their album release party you should check em out if you are in the area. The plan as I heard it is they will be releasing their debut album in full on the 25th right now they got a couple tracks up on their bandcamp which I embedded my favorite track below for your listening pleasure...

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