Friday, January 6, 2012

Pisces - Paint a Rocket

"I draw in circles, you draw in lines" Sarah Negahdari sings on the last line of her new song Paint A Rocket. And so this music video stays true to the spirit of that line and is so very Sarah which might be the best way to explain it. She has such a unique spirit/presence that comes through on whatever she is doing whether fronting her rock outfit The Happy Hollows or now on her solo art-folk project Pisces. So go watch her music video and enter the world of Negahdariland for 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

Then go download the song from her bandcamp because this music transports you into a happy place whenever you listen to it...

Oh and if you are free Tuesday January 10th you can come see Pisces play live at the Hotel Cafe with the also lovely band Little Red Lung. I hope to see you there...

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