Monday, January 2, 2012

Cursive - "The Sun and Moon"

Just felt like this is the place share what I am excited for, and this is the first track from Cursive's next album to come out on February 21st, which is easily my most anticipated album of 2012 and this doesn't fail to disappoint. Actually has me more intrigued for "I Am Gemeni" a concept album from Tim Kasher not centered around what seems as personal a topic like his love life like so many of his albums from his many projects or the loss of religion like 2006's "Happy Hollow". This album is apparently about the musical tale of twin brothers Cassius and Pollock who were separated at birth and this track provides when they first meet and an introduction to the concept of duality that will be explored throughout. I know pretty heady stuff for a rock band so just forget about it for now and enjoy an ever more catchy Cursive track with the ever present jaunty guitar lines and the always interesting vocal work done by Tim Kasher.

Cursive - "The Sun and Moon" by Consequence of Sound

Oh one more thing that segue ending makes me mad I want the next track like now....

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