Friday, December 2, 2011

Manhattan Murder Mystery - "Women House" review

Well as I listen to Manhattan Murder Mystery's new release, Women House. I find a much more honed and mature sound to these six songs then what they put out on their last record, which might have to do with the addition of Todd McLaughlin's lead guitar and Matthew Teardrop adding in some harmonica to give a fuller sound to the band. What continues through all Manhattan songs is the earnestness and pure emotion that is invoked through their playing and especially in Matthew Teardrop's lyrics. Plus I don't think any band continually instills more emotion into their oohs and ahhs that they sing in songs which continues on this release on tracks like 'Women House' or 'Alington Cemetary'. The latter of which is a song that shows their is more to this band than their raucous and infectious live shows full of sweat, booze, love and rock n' roll with an emotionally bare arrangement that is all about Teardrop with just his guitar and the best story he has yet to convey in a song and I don't think I could convey my thoughts any better than Lord Growing over on his blog The 704 while writing his review for the album with an emphasis on that track in particular. You really should go read his work. Though that isn't to say this EP to didn't forget to let all out because the garage-punk stomper 'I've Got A Hole In My Head' is ready to get you jumping and acting the fool at their next live show which by the way is every monday in December at The Spaceland Satellite for free and it would be a crime not to make it out to see them play. I am going to leave you with a taste off the EP with the opening track 'Stadium Way' that showcases all the talent Manhattan Murder Mystery has in songwriting with a catchy as hell chorus and guitar hook on top the honest crooning of Mr. Teardrop that will have you yearning for more...

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