Sunday, December 4, 2011

Judson McKinney - "Drink the Wine" review

Well Judson Mckinney's debut full length album has been up on his bandcamp for quite sometime to listen to and buy digitally. Though tonight at the Bootleg is his record release show presented by The 704 blog that if you can make it out to you can see one of the best singer/songwriters making music in the LA area right now. Listening to his album is like a trip back in time to the heyday of folk music of the 60's and wouldn't feel out of place with any record from that time. Though just because I keep throwing out the singer/songwriter term doesn't mean this album doesn't stop from getting Judson his wife and the rest of his band from getting their rock groove on like on the bluesy rock stomper "Tomorrow Blues". Also all the songs have big beautiful full arrangements that are driven by some very talented work on the guitar. Throughout the album are clever honest lyrics like the first few lines from the opening track, "Celia", song over piano:
The demons on the eastside are out marching, angels in the clouds all by the door. Standing in a local night of lightning and waiting at the gate hoping for more. Bums along the street are all out begging, blocking every point on the avenue. Tell me what you need I am pressed for something, well he tells me I've always been in love with you.
that set the table nicely for a record of songs of love, self-discovery and musings of a traveling man. "Drink the Wine" by Judson McKinney is a very strong debut effort that showcases a young artist that pays homage to the folk movement of the 60's while still having a distinct voice all his own. If he keeps making music this good that showcases his amazing talent as a singer and songwriter I wouldn't be surprised for much bigger things in his future and would love the privilege to listening to his music for years to come. I am going to leave you my favorite track on the album which also happens to be the title track, "Drink the Wine", as a little taste that I hope gets you to check out more of his work...

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