Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrice House of Blues Anaheim 10/9/11

Wow so it has been much too long since I updated this, do to outside circumstances it is going to continue to be difficult to get out and review shows. Although I do want to continue to write about music and the Silverlake/Echo Park music scene in general and they are quite a bit of new music out there that I want to talk about and will start posting up soon.

Now onto a show I have been looking forward to for a while I think I bought my ticket to this show the morning it went on sale 6 months ago. Well the first opening band was O'Brother and were my least favorite of the three openers. They had hard atmospheric rock sound to the band and I liked some of their heavy moody guitar and bass lines but drumming really wasn't doing it for and seemed to simplistic and just not quite what I wanted. So that really pulled me out of the band in general.

The second band, Moving Mountains was my favorite of three opening bands. They had a sound that harkened back to older Thursday and 'Artist in the Ambulance' era Thrice with a good mix of melody and hard riffs. They were just a solid band and the vocalist really impressed with very strong screaming vocals that he was able to transition back to his melodic singing without any problems. Definitely will be picking up at least their newest release to dig a little deeper into their sound.

The third band up, La Dispute the first couple songs sounded exactly like I was listening to At The Drive In. It was really uncanny how the lead singer of La Dispute sounded like Cedric Bixler-Zavala in both sound and style of singing. Later in the set their songs had an even heavier quality then At The Drive In ever did and it was kind of nice hearing that particular style of post-hardcore music again. Their energy onstage while playing was fantastic, particularly the lead singers, which helped win me over into liking their music. I am definitely interested in checking out more of their music.

And then Thrice came out and probably never sounded better than they have on this tour, though I think I believe that statement is true every new time I go and see them. They opened up with Yellow Bellow, the opener off their latest album and the wicked hard baritone guitar riff that opens the song rocked the house and got the pit going strong, fast and hard early. Then they really kept it rocking hard with the next three songs 'Promises', 'All The World Is Mad'(which guitar riff sounded even more sinister in mood this tour than last), and 'The Weight'. Their next song 'In Exile' was a nice break from all the hard rocking of the opening of the set and my body and vocal chords thanked them for the nice little break. Next up was one of my favorite new songs 'Call it in the Air' which soaring chorus sounded like it was meant to be played for a big live show. Then the floor went crazy as soon as the super heavy opening riffs for 'Silhouette' started and continued through tto the next song Cold Cash and Colder Hearts which had thrashing and screaming my lungs out along with the some older tunes. After that was time again to slow it down again and get into more atmospheric rock they have been doing since their album Vheissu. First with 'Circles' where the ending guitar solo was just perfect and just penetrates you even more listening live than what you can experience at home. After that came two new tracks 'Treading Paper' and 'Words in the Water' which I hope 'Treading Paper' because a live staple for years to come as it hearing it live really took another level. Well it took it to the same level as what 'Of Dust and Nations' is as in a live setting and when it gets to Teppie guitar solo at the end of the song it just mind-blowing how in awe of their musicianship and everything really about Thrice that I am in love with. 'Firebreather' was just explosive and putting it as kickstarter for the epilogue of their set to only go into "The Earth Will Shake" and it's epicness is just insane. I really enjoyed the extra touch of having the some of the guys from the opening bands come out and add to percussion during the "chain gang" part of 'The Earth Will Shake'. Their set ended was 'Anthology' of the new album which is a great way to end it as it a song in sound that really sums up everything that is the Thrice sound, being melodic yet hard and showcasing great musicianship.

The encore rocked my life. Then went old school with playing one song off of each of the first two albums. And they weren't songs they have played in quite some time. I was so happy that they played 'Phoenix Ignition' it is easily my favorite song off of their first two albums and one I have never heard live as I didn't make it to one of their shows until the Vheissu tour. And this being in front of the hometown crowd Dustin and Ed Breckenridge just had the biggest grins on their faces as the whole building was singing the opening to 'Phoenix Ignition' and went it kicked into the guitar riff the floor went the craziest it had been the whole night and continued the utter insanity all the way through the next and final song of the night, 'To Awake And Avenge The Dead'.

This was an absolute magical night to remember. And really their is no experience that compares to shared communal joy of seeing a band you love with hundreds of other people that love the band just as much. So as I finish this up I am envious of all those that are enjoying their second night at the House of Blues Anaheim tonight and already cannot wait until the next time their next tour.

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