Friday, November 11, 2011

Death to Anders - Don't Give Up EP

Well out of the new music that has been released in the past month what I have been listening to the most is the new EP by Death to Anders released on October 25th, 2011 entitled Don't Give Up which you can pick up on their bandcamp page.

What continues to impress me with their music is the impressive guitar playing and the standout track to me, "Grizzy", comes out with a rollicking guitar riff that has a bigger sound than you get from a lot of local acts and reminds me of how a Queens of a Stone Age or Foo Fighters might open up their rock anthem single off of their latest release.

So the rest of this five track release doesn't fail to impress either. You cannot listen to anything by Death to Anders without noticing lead vocalist Rob Danson's unique and amazing voice. He hits so many interesting notes both musical and emotional while singing that can only be done by him. Even when slowing it down on the title track of the EP "Don't Give Up" the strong songwriting and unique sound that Death to Anders have carved themselves in the Silver Lake indie rock scene showcases their talent and songwriting is at an all time high on this latest release. I for one cannot wait for what comes next from Death to Anders because if 'Don't Give Up' is any indication of what lies ahead for this new lineup much and more great music is to come. So if you have the chance pick this up and go see them live for a great show as well.

I hope this embedding of my favorite track grizzy works for your listening pleasure.

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