Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wed. 9/14/11 - Jeremiah Red & The Silent Comedy

Went to a show within 15 minutes of where I live, what a novel concept. Though I still couldn't make it to the Continental Room on time to be able to see Kopecky Family Band which I heard some friends say were quite good. And I feel bad because they came all the way from Nashville so not like I will easily get the chance to easily see them again. Well onto what I did see. So the first band I was there to see perform was Jeremiah Red and they unleashed an explosive set of southern style rock that I could really get behind. This was some serious no bullshit rock n roll that was exactly what I wanted and actually had the majority of the Orange County bar scene engaged in the show. The lead guitarist had some very impressive guitar parts that really drove the songs. I also loved the passion and soul that came through the band while they were singing. I am definitely looking forward to checking them out again and again.

The other band I saw that night was The Silent Comedy who are a band from San Diego and also are in the Southern Rock genre or style or whatever. A little less rock and a little more melody then Jeremiah Red but still a damn good show was put on. And when they needed to rock out they did it full out and really ended on a high note with the lead singer/bass guitarist out in the crowd that really pushed their set over the top and you couldn't help but want to stomp or clap or do whatever along with the song, just be a part of the this special moment that they created while playing the hell out of a great a song. Along with the lead in the crowd they had their banjo(who was also on the mandolin or guitar for certain songs) player standing on the divide that separated the crowd from the stage towering over us and making it seem larger than life and just adding to the overall atmosphere of rocking balls to the wall out. Though I can't believe I got this far and haven't mentioned the keyboardist, who was excellent, and whose parts were the main driving force of most of the songs and gave them a really fun vibe that made you want to move your feet. I am a little mad at myself that I walked out of their without grabbing one of their records but my friends that I was with were ready to head home so off we went. I highly recommend if you see The Silent Comedy playing somewhere you should check them out.

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