Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kit & Con

So I should have blogged about this a long time ago being that I have been back from London for a few weeks now and I saw this band play in London and I didn't really have the time to write about them then so now I am going to talk quickly about that and also review their album, 23 Kilos, that I bought from them after their show.

Kit & Con is a 2-piece band and just cause I saw them in London doesn't make them a brittish band but are transplants for the time and the bassist she is Canadian and the drummer he is Australian and they are rocking and providing the only bass-drum only sound that I know of. I think I fell in love with them from their first song which was added as a request and done with only vocals and drums and I was blown away by Miraka's sulty and amazing singing voice. But moving on from there they just kept playing fun songs that I hadn't heard anything really like it before. In a live setting just bass and drum gets such a cool groove going in every song and I was glad when people started dancing during their song "Bad Bartender" as their music made me want to move my feet even if my dancing skills are very much in question. And during Bad Bartender Simon broke into a badass drum solo which their just isn't enough drum solos going on indie music clubs. It was a really fun fun night I had The Spice of Life and Kit & Con were the definate highlight of the night and what stuck with me.

Kit & Con's sound does not dissapoint on cd. Their isn't a weak track out of the bunch and I just cannot get anough of Miraka's voice. It has such a seductively sultry tone to it that I am in love with. They really get the most of out of their instruments and surprise with the depth of their sound infusing influences of pop, rock, indie and a bit of dance while always staying fun and catchy. If you want to pick up a copy you can grab one directly from them at EOI Productions.

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  1. excellent summation of what is one of the best indi duos around. If you like 23 kilos make sure you check out some of the other Mirika creations. Well worth a listen.